Bi + Australia support counselling for families


Offering a specialised counselling service accessed by anyone, from anywhere in Australia

Bi+ Australia provides specialised counselling support for people who are attracted to more than one gender, or questioning their attraction or sexuality, and their families and loved ones. You can access this service from anywhere in Australia via online video call. There is a fee for this service, please see below for details.

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It doesn’t matter what your sexual identity is (heterosexual, bisexual, lesbian, gay, another identity, unsure or questioning), or whether you have had intimate partners or not. Bi+ Australia is an inclusive service that provides specialised counselling for:

  • People who are attracted (sexually, romantically or both) to more than one gender, or people who are questioning or unsure of their attraction or sexuality
  • Partners of people who are attracted to more than one gender or questioning their attraction or sexuality
  • Parents of young people who are attracted to more than one gender or questioning their attraction or sexuality
  • Other close friends and family members that are wanting to support a loved one who is attracted to more than one gender or questioning their attraction or sexuality

A person might consider themselves bisexual if they are attracted to more than one gender and/or they have had intimate experiences with more than one gender and/or they identify as bisexual. Bisexual attraction can involve romantic and/or sexual feelings towards people of more than one gender.

When you make an appointment with our support service you will be assigned a counsellor. It is up to you and your assigned counsellor how many sessions you have and how often you meet. You can have just one session if that is all you are wanting, or you can arrange to meet regularly for a longer period. If you require specialised support outside of the scope of our counsellors they can refer you to other appropriate services if that is something you want.

To ensure that this service is able to be accessed regardless of where you live in Australia, support is provided via online video calls using Zoom. To find out more about Zoom or to download it please follow this link If you are unable to access Zoom, counselling sessions can be conducted over the phone. Each counselling session goes for 60 minutes.

We have a small team of skilled professionals providing counselling support. Our counsellors are tertiary educated and qualified to provide counselling services. All our Bi+ Australia counsellors have supplementary skills and knowledge in working with individuals who are diverse in their gender and/or sexuality. In addition, all of our counsellors have specific expertise in supporting bi+ people and their families.

Fees are charged at a flat rate of $120 a session. A discounted rate is available for full-time students and concession card holders (please contact us for further information). Same day payments are required for all sessions.

Information about payments will be included in your confirmation email once your appointment with our counsellor has been booked.